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Many of you may have noticed that lack of activity on my end in recent weeks.  The truth is, I started this blog as a semester-long class assignment, which I have since submitted for grading.  This is one of the best assignments I have ever been given, but I’m not going to lie when I say it was a headache.

I have loved all of my brewery trips.  But Cedar Falls just does not have an ample supply of breweries nearby, so every post had to be planned around a trip once I had exhausted most of my local resources.  I enjoyed all of them, but trying to squeeze them in between a heavy course load, a restaurant job that demands nights and weekends, and then making time to sit down and craft a blog post has been a bit stressful at times.


How life feels 18 days out from graduation

How life feels 18 days out from graduation


So I feel okay to go ahead and admit that I have not TOUCHED anything blog-related in the last week.  But today you all blew me away.  In a last-ditch effort to procrastinate my homework, I checked my Google Analytics app.  To my surprise, my traffic has been super-steady and ya’ll just keep showing up.

I had been debating whether or not to keep this blog up, because after graduation in 2.5 short weeks I will no longer have free site-hosting and software usage from UNI.  But seeing the love today, I don’t feel like I can stop.  And I imagine blogging is much more enjoyable when its not being graded.


I cannot promise a post every week.  There will be an address change once UNI kicks me off.  And you probably still won’t see much of me until after graduation, moving, and life settles down a little bit.  But I promise that every time I make it to a new brewery or just have something wonderful to share, I will be back.  In the meantime, cheers to you and all your love!

P.S. Feel free to email my professor at [email protected] and tell him to give me an A! Seriously.


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