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About the Author: I originally started this site as an assignment for a Digital Media class at the University of Northern Iowa.  I was told to create a blog about something I cared about both personally and professionally.  Iowa has an AMAZING array of breweries.  I sincerely feel we have the potential to be a hotspot in this industry.  So this seemed the natural choice of topic.  I may have since graduated from UNI, but that didn’t seem like a valid reason to stop the “research.”  After receiving full marks and an overwhelming amount of support, I decided to continue my quest to share the greatness of Iowa’s Breweries with the world.  Or at least my fellow beer drinkers.

Feel free to comment or post questions, or I can be reached privately at [email protected]

For more of “me” and the beer I drink, follow my Instagram and Twitter at @amcavoy.



  1. Lisa

    Looking good Mandi! Only thing I would suggest is to add more options to the gray menu bar at the top of the screen. You have blog and about, but you have way more content. Would be easier for those interested if there were more options up there so they realize all the content that is available. Just my two cents, but I am still working as a waitress so I can’t say too much. Have a great one. Take er easy.

    • mcavoya

      If you mouse over “blog,” there’s a break down of the categories. I am working on getting a “tag” list as a sidebar. Thanks though, stay tuned!

    • mcavoya

      Lisa, I updated my options! Is this what you were thinking? I knew I wanted to it from the start, but there is a disconnect between adding “Posts” and “Pages” to the menu–I couldn’t add posts. A bunch of geeking out and I finally got it!

  2. Maggie

    Looks great, Mandi! I should hire you to make my blog look more professional! Great work 🙂

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