As you recall, I was over-the-moon excited for Firetrucker’s release of the CatDragon last week.  With a whopping 11.5% abv, this is likely the most alcoholic ginger beer on the planet.  As expected, the brewery and the launch party did not disappoint. The place was packed, and even beer celebrities Iowa Craft Beer Tent were in the house.  (Yes, beer celebrities are a real thing.  And I aspire to be one.)  All in attendance laughed over the telling of the epic saga of how the CatDragon came to be.


It is an understatement to say that this beer is dangerous.  It still has a ZERO IBU (aka NO hoppiness or bitterness), but you feel the burn on the backside as it goes down.  It almost tasted like a mild liquor.  A couple of those and you will undoubtedly fall off your chair.


In order to prevent full blown inebriation, I filled up on pizza from Pyro’s Food Truck.  If you live in Des Moines and have not had this yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  I immediately started following them on Facebook and Twitter so I could *ahem* stalk their whereabouts.  They had cooked up some special treats for the CatDragon launch.


Did you catch the special ingredients on that?  No. 2 has a Firetrucker Grizzly Stout BBQ sauce and No. 3 has a CatDragon reduction.  So of course I had to order both.  If these pizzas are not making your mouth water, CHECK YOUR PULSE!  Simply amazing, and nothing left but the crumbs when we were done.


Much love to Firetrucker.  Ya’ll are doing great things, I can’t believe you’ve only been with us for one year.  (Happy Birthday by the way.)  The CatDragon is going to be a hard feat to top, but I have a feeling you’ll continue to impress me.  Much love always!

Taphandle wall art. Mildly obsessed.

Beer is Art.

Beer is Art.



If you’ve been reading here long, ya’ll probably remember my emotions toward Firetrucker Brewery’s Cat in the Tree Ginger Beer. (Catch up on Firetrucker here.)  I may have mentioned how delicious, refreshing. light, and INSANELY AWESOME this beer is.  Well, turns out, those crazy kids over at Firetrucker have one-upped themselves.  On Wednesday, July 1, three days from now, they are releasing the Cat Dragon, a ginger beer topping out at 11.5% abv. ELEVEN. POINT. FIVE.  I’m gonna go ahead and book my favorite Uber driver now.

Firetrucker CatDragon

The keg will be tapped at 6 pm, and the Book of Faces has led me to believe there will be free food. “Smell the ginger and alcohol then taste the sparkling sweetness. Feel the burn roll down your throat. Powerful, gluten free, and tasty as hell!”  Really the only convincing I need. So you know where I’ll be: Firetrucker Brewery, doing research for the benefit of all my constituents.  Research assistants, as always, are welcome.