Few things beat one of those first sunny afternoons of spring in Iowa when the weather is finally warm.  Especially when you spend one hanging out at Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville.  Which is exactly what I did the Saturday before Easter.  Its only a short drive from Des Moines and one that’s worth it if you’re not a local.  This was my second trip there, but I’m sure there will be many to follow.  They just recently celebrated their 5th Year Anniversary, and I won’t be surprised if I make it to their 50th.



Ales were the name of the game this week, as every beer they had on draft fell under that category.  I would have liked to have seen a little more on-tap variety, as ales generally aren’t my “go to,” but at the same time it was good to get a little out of my comfort zone.  So I enjoyed them while I was there, but took home a 22oz bomber of their Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Stout for good measure.

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04 April 15 menu

FullSizeRender (5)As I have already expressed my emotions towards bourbon-aged beers, it should come as no surprise that my first glass was a Double Barrel Red, a red ale twice-aged in Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels (Bourbon + Beer = Love).  You could definitely taste the burn of the Whiskey, but it a smooth, extra-delicious way.  I also had to have a Blonde Fatale, one of their most popular offerings and an old faithful.  She never disappoints.

Another favorite I enjoyed back in January was the Cornucopia.  This beauty is a farmhouse ale made with locally grown Iowa Sweet Corn.  I know it sounds crazy, but its actually delicious.  And can you really have Iowa beer without sweet corn?  Three years ago, I probably would have been a little leery to even order this.  But a friend introduced me to Sipp’n Sweet Corn whiskey, made nearby in Grimes, so I was completely onboard.  If you love Iowa, you really need to try both of these. IMG_5694

This place is great whether you want to grab a several beers with your buddies or just have a family get together.  Grab a table, grab a stool, or sink in to a big comfy armchair.  Catch the game, throw some darts, start a game of cards.  It’s family-friendly (they even make their own root beer for children and non-drinkers).  You can normally catch some live music on a weekend.  Stop in and grab one of their many bottled beers to take to a barbecue.  The staff is great help, whether you don’t have a clue what beer to get or just need a friendly smile.  And of course, they have a wall of merchandise, so you can show your support or gift a beer-lover like me (you can check out their bike jerseys here).  Seriously great place, and I look forward to being part of their next 5 years.


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How could you not love these tap handles?!

How could you not love these tap handles?!

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***Also, sidenote, if anyone from Peace Tree or SingleSpeed is reading this, a Twitter conversation hinted towards some collaborations.  If anyone wishes to confirm these rumors, I’m all ears!

 Peace Tree Brewing Company | 107 West Main Street, Knoxville, IA | 641.842.2739